Trojan Technologies Awarded Contract for Water Reuse in California

Trojan Technologies Inc. received an order to supply advanced ultraviolet (UV) water treatment solutions for a wastewater reuse facility in the City of Lodi, California.

Trojan's UV3000Plus(TM) systems, valued at $2.4 million, are to be installed at the Lodi White Slough Water Pollution Control Facility in the City of Lodi, California, during 2004. The plant is currently undergoing an upgrade of its facility to meet stricter treatment regulations in the State of California.

"Trojan was selected as the supplier based on the systems' efficiency, reliability and cost advantages," stated Marvin DeVries, President and CEO of Trojan Technologies. "Municipalities trust Trojan to provide solutions that meet increasingly stringent water treatment guidelines in a cost-effective and reliable manner."

The Trojan UV3000Plus(TM) system has been validated through third-party bioassay testing and received acceptance from the California Department of Health Services to meet the strict National Water Research Institute (NWRI) guidelines for wastewater reuse applications.

In Lodi, wastewater must be treated to a higher standard to achieve water quality standards required for the protection of the environmentally sensitive Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Wastewater is treated and reused for irrigation of crops not intended for human consumption. In recent years, the City has also supplied recycled water to produce steam for power generation.

Demands for fresh water coupled with concerns over trace levels of pollutants are placing increased demands on municipal wastewater treatment practices across the State of California. Technologies, such as UV disinfection, enable treatment facilities to meet the increasingly stringent environmental protection standards in an economically sound manner. Wastewater is then recycled for beneficial purposes such as irrigation of crops and landscaping and, in some cases, aquifer recharge.

UV disinfection has many environmental advantages over traditional chemical disinfection -- particularly in a reuse application. UV does not form dangerous by-products such as trihalomethanes (THMs). It is environmentally clean and safe. There are no toxic chemicals and no risk of chlorine gas leaks.

Trojan's systems use a series of specialized lamps that produce ultraviolet light. This UV energy destroys the water-borne pathogens, including E.coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The systems also use a patented lamp cleaning technology (ActiClean), which ensures maximum lamp output reducing operating, maintenance and labour costs.

Trojan Technologies Inc.

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