Sep 29, 2010

Trojan Technologies Wins Metro Vancouver Drinking Water Disinfection Project

Trojan will supply UV water treatment system

Trojan Technologies announced that it was selected by Metro Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) to provide a UV drinking water disinfection system for the Coquitlam UV Disinfection Project. Trojan will be supplying TrojanUVTorrent reactors, equipped with TrojanUV Solo Lamp technology. The UV system will be sized to treat 317 million gal of water per day. UV disinfection technology is a physical process that will be used to destroy potentially harmful water-borne microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

“We are excited and honored to have been selected by Metro Vancouver, and look forward to helping them continue to deliver safe, clean drinking water to their residents,” said Marvin DeVries, president of Trojan Technologies. “Our TrojanUVTorrent is ideally suited for this application in many respects–technically, commercially and socially.”

Metro Vancouver had specific requirements for this project. These included an energy-efficient solution with the smallest environmental footprint, reduced carbon emissions, an easy-maintenance system with low lamp count and the best possible lamp-cleaning system, and flexibility to install the equipment in a vertical piping network.

At 1,000 watts per lamp, the Solo Lamp is a powerful amalgam lamp, and is paired with the energy-efficient Solo Lamp Driver. According to Trojan, this lamp technology offers the high electrical efficiency of a low-pressure system, while simultaneously providing the low lamp count traditionally found only with medium-pressure systems. By using fewer and more efficient lamps, the carbon footprint associated with disinfection is reduced to less than one-third that of medium pressure lamp systems. The increased efficiency of the Solo Lamp translates into a significant reduction in energy, peak electrical loads and associated electrical infrastructure. Trojan developed this lamp technology over the past five years, working with the industry’s leading lamp and lamp driver experts. Extensive laboratory and field-testing validated the robustness of the components. Solo Lamp Technology will initially be used for drinking water treatment with the TrojanUVTorrent, and will form a key platform for Trojan’s future water treatment applications.