Trojan Technologies Wins UV Contract For Lethbridge Drinking Water Facility

Trojan Technologies Inc. has been selected as the ultraviolet equipment supplier to the drinking water treatment facility of the City of Lethbridge.

The project calls for the delivery of five Trojan UVSwift units and has a total value of approximately $1.1 million. When it becomes operational in September 2003, the Lethbridge plant will treat up to 40 million gallons of drinking water a day and serve a population of 75,000.

Doug Kaupp, the Water Utility Manager for Lethbridge, said Trojan's UV disinfection technology was selected because "it is by far the most cost effective solution." He also noted that the city wanted to avoid the problem of disinfection by-products associated with a more aggressive use of chlorine.

Kaupp added that a major factor in selecting Trojan was the company's commitment to validating its products through third-party testing.

Allan Bulckaert, President and CEO of Trojan, said this important contract demonstrates how municipalities are now adopting UV technology as part of a highly effective multi-barrier approach to protecting their water resources.

"Increasingly, municipalities throughout North America are building UV into their treatment systems. And for good reason. UV destroys microorganisms which are resistant to chlorine, and unlike chlorine, UV does not form carcinogenic by-products," Bulckaert explained.

Trojan is a global leader in the UV treatment of drinking water. More than 200 facilities around the world are currently using Trojan systems.

Established in 1976, Trojan is a high technology environmental company. In addition to municipal drinking water systems, it also is the world's largest supplier of UV wastewater equipment. It serves the industrial, commercial and residential water markets and provides environmental contaminant treatment for the removal of chemicals from water.

Trojan Technologies Inc.

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