UK’s Green Party Launches Campaign Against Hydraulic Fracturing

Campaign will begin at party’s autumn conference with showing of “Gasland” documentary

The United Kingdom’s Green Party is set to launch a major campaign against the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing, which is being increasingly used as a means of extracting shale gas.

The nationwide campaign will be launched during the party's autumn conference at Sheffield Hallam University in September and will claim that the technique is environmentally destructive and risks polluting the UK's water supply.

The UK government and the Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee have so far dismissed calls for a moratorium on shale gas exploration. However, growing numbers of campaigners are keen to halt proposals for the UK's first fracking project, following allegations that U.S. projects have had a catastrophic impact on the local environment.

In June, shadow energy minister Huw Irranca-Davies wrote to energy minister Charles Hendry, urging him to enforce a temporary ban on planned shale gas operations, including a proposed development near Blackpool.

The Green Party's campaign will be launched alongside a showing of the Oscar-nominated documentary “Gasland,” which highlighted a number of shale gas projects in America that have been widely blamed for incidents in which water has become so contaminated that local residents have been able to set light to water delivered from their taps.

Environmental Expert

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