Aug 20, 2013

UL Launches Water Systems Validation Service Globally

Testing services are available from UL's Indiana & India testing facilities

Underwriters Laboratories UL global validation

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) announced the launch of its global water systems validation services, including drinking water treatment units.

Globally there are varying degrees of regulations and enforcement of standards and protocols for products that convey, treat or process drinking water. Manufacturers often make claims about the performance of their product and consumers have no way to verify the manufacturer's claims.  Having an independent third party assess and validate those claims brings an added level of confidence and may add a competitive advantage in the market place when consumers have a purchase option.  Unbiased validation services are additional services UL offers to meet manufacturers requirements set in certain countries.

"UL believes in forward thinking when it comes to safety, and with that comes a responsibility to address needs of our clients and their respective industries," said Anil N. Patel, vice president and general manager of UL's Life & Health Sciences Business. "As drinking water regulations vary based on individual country standards, our team understands the need to provide manufacturers an alternative, or additional, service to the traditional certification of drinking water products."

UL Water Systems Validation Services provides clients with an evaluation of their product(s) to criteria, defined by the manufacturer, to determine the validity of specific and individual marketing claims. Products meeting manufacturer's claims will be issued certificates of validation from UL. This service is currently available from UL via both of its testing facilities in South Bend, Ind., and Bangalore, India

"As the need for safe drinking water increases globally, there is an increase in the amount of treatment devices that claim to be useful for the reduction of a variety of water contaminants," said Dr. T.N.V.V. Rao, UL India Water Business & Operations Manager. "Providing a third-party validation service to assess manufacturer's product claims, allows manufacturers, and consumers alike the ability to know which of these products actually meets the manufacturer's performance claims."

With the 2011 expansion of UL's water laboratory operations to Bangalore, and extensive global water industry knowledge, UL is poised and ready to assist manufacturers with the validation of their drinking water products on a global scale.

"Our validation service not only provides manufacturers the opportunity for an independent, third-party validation of their product claims," said Tom Bowman, Program Manager of UL's Water Product Certification Services, "but it also provides the consumer the assurance that these claims have been independently validated by a trusted brand such as UL.