Dec 20, 2013

UL Receives LT2 Compliance Testing Certification

UL is scheduling sample testing for public water supplies required to comply with LT2

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.’s (UL) drinking water analytical laboratory for second round testing received certification in accordance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment (LT2 Rule).

As a LT2 (Round 2) certified laboratory, UL is now accepting and scheduling sample testing for those public water supplies required to comply with this rule. All public drinking water systems that use treated surface water or ground water that is under the influence of surface water are required to comply with this rule. According to the EPA's Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment: Quick Reference Guides, systems are required to monitor their source water, calculate an average Cryptosporidium concentration, and use those results to determine if their source is vulnerable to contamination and may require additional treatment.

As in the first round of LT2 testing, the second round of LT2 monitoring continues the strong focus on monitoring cryptosporidium to help reduce the potential health risks associated with such drinking water contaminants. Water systems with a population of 10,000 and greater will be required by the EPA to sample monthly for a total of two years, while water systems of less than 10,000 will be required to sample for E. coli bi-weekly for one year, with additional cryptosporidium testing after.