The Ultimate in Kitchen Convenience

Innovative, advanced-technology Instapure reduces 53 contaminants, protects your health

August is National Water Quality Month and Waterpik Technologies is furthering its commitment to public health with the introduction of the Instapure water filter, an innovative end-of-faucet filter that reduces 53 contaminants, as well as chlorine taste odor, all of which can be found in ordinary tap water. With its sleek, compact design, the Instapure water filter is 20 percent smaller in size than the other leading brand. Its breakthrough technology reduces more than twice as many contaminants as filter pitchers, and the Instapure water filter's functional ease may soon make pitcher filters obsolete.

"We are excited to introduce the Instapure water filter to the public," said Bob Shortt, General Manager of Waterpik Technologies. "The Instapure water filter's advanced technology ensures safer and healthier water for consumers who are concerned about water quality. It's a smart addition for every home."

The Instapure water filter's proprietary new activated carbon technology uses an exclusive process to create maximum filtering efficiency in an attractive, compact size. With three settings -- filtered water, unfiltered water and power rinse -- the Instapure water filter is a true kitchen convenience. Consumers can easily switch between the three settings, and the Instapure water filter automatically switches back to unfiltered water after each use, maximizing the life of the filter. The power rinse setting is designed to help rinse pots and pans with unfiltered water.

"The Instapure water filter is in a different league from filter pitchers, yet it doesn't cost much more," said Bob Daenen, Senior Marketing Manager at Waterpik. "It's a bargain for consumers and is about one tenth the cost of bottled water. The convenience of having fresh-tasting, clean water available 24-7 is invaluable."

The Instapure water filter reduces more than 53 contaminants, including lead, TTHM, and asbestos, but it retains the good minerals found in tap water, such as fluoride, which helps prevent tooth decay. The Instapure water filter also reduces that undesirable chlorine taste and odor improving the aesthetic experience. The low-cost of the Instapure(R) water filter makes it a must-have health and safety product.

Waterpik Technologies

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