Ultra-Low-Energy Membranes Maintain High Flow in Low Temperatures

axeon_hf5_ro_ultra low energy

Reverse osmosis (RO) has become the standard technology for water purification in numerous commercial and industrial applications. This trend has largely been driven by the advancement of low-pressure RO membranes with enhanced energy savings. Axeon Water Technologies is a leader in utilizing innovative proprietary technology for increasing permeate production while lowering operating pressures in RO applications. 

The HF5-Series is the latest development within Axeon’s line of membrane elements. This ultra-low-energy membrane was developed in response to user demands for a membrane that can be operated in applications with colder temperatures while maintaining a higher flow rate than standard low-energy RO membranes. HF5-Series membranes are the only elements on the market that operate at a pressure of 80 psi while delivering a salt rejection of 98.5%.

The membranes are available in standard 4-in. commercial sizes from 14 to 40 in. in length (covering a range of 600 to 2,500 gal per day.) Each element is integrity tested and packaged dry for longer shelf life and easier handling and installation. 



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