Ultra Pure Water Technologies Acquires ICEX Holdings

Ultra Pure Water Technologies, Inc. (UPWT) announced that they have completed the acquisition of ICEX Holdings Ltd., Inc. (ICEX), a Louisiana company. Under the previously announced terms of the agreement, UPWT has acquired 100 percent of the issued and outstanding shares of ICEX in exchange for shares of UPWT.

Daniel LeBlanc, president of ICEX, stated, "We are extremely excited about our new relationship with Ultra Pure Water Technologies as it will allow us to bring the ICEX product line to a broad new range of customers. The addition of ICEX's Ice Island production system to Ultra Pure's water purification product line will leverage the synergies between the two companies and enhance the marketing of the combined product line."

ICEX is a Louisiana company with headquarters located in Lafayette, LA and a manufacturing support division located in Phoenix, AZ. The company manufactures a proprietary ice production unit known as the "Ice Island" system. The system is an on-site ice production, bagging, and storage unit. The patent-applied for technology totally automates production and packaging of ice products in a portable configuration installed at the customer's site. The target markets for the Ice Island system include convenience stores, grocery stores, hotels, resorts, hospitals and industrial complexes.

Ultra Pure Water Technologies, Inc. is engaged in the manufacture, sale, and rental of pure quality water purification equipment utilizing reverse osmosis filtration processes and water vending equipment. The company's products address various water treatment applications for commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional purposes. These applications range from providing purified drinking water through our reverse osmosis self-filling water coolers and under-the-counter systems to equipment for producing water for municipal systems with capacities exceeding 200,000 gallons per day utilizing desalination and reverse osmosis processing equipment.

Ultra Pure Water Technologies, Inc.

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