Ultrafiltration Membrane

The ENPRESS Poly-UF offers 0.02-micron filtration at maximum service flow rates of 12 gal per minute (gpm). The UF treats colloids, bacteria, cysts, viruses, turbidity, tannins and other particles. The backwashable system allows for multiple standard 2.5-in. top inlet connections, from standard backwashable control valves to in/out heads.

The high surface area UF bundles require normal line pressure to operate, low waste discharge when in backwash/cleaning mode and offer low pressure drop with high service flow rates. The ENPRESS Poly-UF can be utilized as a final polishing stage or in water reclamation systems for rainwater or greywater, along with offering protection during power outages and intermittent power. The membrane is NSF 61 certified, and the system is BioVir certified and tested for log reduction. The vessel also comes standard with a bottom drain opening for ease of drainage and cleaning purposes of the tank system.

This patented polysulfone-based outside/in ultrafiltration membrane is designed for turbidity, cyst reduction and fine sediment filtration applications. The membrane operates with flow from the outside-to-inside, and benefits include a minimized risk of deep clogging, simple cleaning of the membrane surface with water or air, and a high area volume ratio that allows for a compact design. The membrane is non-biodegradable and has superior mechanical and chemical resistance. The ENPRESS Poly-UF provides point-of-entry (POE) filtration for safe and clean water at every faucet.

The ENPRESS Poly-UF Pilot Stick is intended to be used as a pilot testing device for application of the Poly-UF ultrafiltration system. The Pilot Stick is a miniature version of the Poly-UF POE vessel, and has nearly the identical filtration and specification capabilities. Its intended use is for applications where it is uncertain that the Poly-UF POE system will remove the targeted filtrate. For example, given the wide-ranging particle size of tannins, a short test utilizing the Pilot Stick will confirm removal, saving time, energy and money. The ENPRESS Poly-UF Pilot Stick offers 0.02-micron filtration at test flow rates up to 0.8 gpm.

The ENPRESS Poly-UF Pilot Stick can also be used as a filtration solution for the requirements of “clean-water backwash” of the Poly-UF POE system, where applications call for concern of “dirty” water entering the clean side of the filtration membrane. The Pilot Stick can be attached in-line or directly to the control valve being used in the system.



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