UN Ambassador to Kenya and Ministry Representatives Visit Puresafe Water Systems

Guests toured facility and saw product demonstration

Leslie J. Kessler, chairman and CEO of PureSafe Water Systems Inc., announced that the Kenyan ambassador/deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, Dr. Josephine Ojiambo and Minister of Forestry and Wildlife Dr. Noah M. Wekesa and his staff visited PureSafe Water Systems to see firsthand the First Response Water Purification System.

“What we have seen could be of great use in different areas of Kenya. The issue of clean water is very critical in many of our municipalities and I could see this machine being placed in municipalities where people cannot access clean water and this can be of great use to our people,” Wekesa said after touring the facility and receiving a demonstration and briefing on the equipment.

“The ability to have a machine that can provide this amount of pure drinking water helps a country in its ability to have its young people be healthy, and by being healthy it is easier to have them educated. You can keep health issues down – right now 4000 children die per day because of waterborne diseases. Our system can run 24/7 and process 30,000 gal of water, which can serve 45,000 people,” said Terry Lazar, chief financial officer of PureSafe.

“This visit is only one part of our strategy to introduce the developed and developing world to the mobility and capability of our system, which allows it to be used in remote or centralized population areas either as a response to a catastrophic event or to provide basic or supplemental infrastructure," said Shaul Kochan, director of international development for PureSafe.

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