Unallocated Reservoir Water In Demand

The state of Wyoming has about 150,000 acre-feet of unallocated water stored in the Buffalo Bill Reservoir, and groups in needs are vying to use some of the water to improve fisheries.

Bill Wotkyns, Trout Unlimited representative and consultant and manager of the Wyoming Water Project, has asked the Park County Commission to support higher flows from the reservoir into the Shoshone River. He said his and other groups support the increased flow into the river because it would improve fish production in the river.

Commissioners told Wotkyns they would withhold their support until they speak with the various county irrigation districts, each of which draws water from the reservoir for irrigation purposes.

Members of the governor's office, the state Game and Fish Department, and the Water Development Commission are planning to meet privately on May 14 to discuss the unallocated water and its possible uses.

The Associated Press

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