Underground Solutions Piping Systems Selected by Disney World and Clay County, Fla.

Underground Solutions, Inc. announced today that the company will supply its patent pending Fusible C-900 and Fusible C-905 piping systems to Clay County, Fla.

This contract for 22,000 lineal feet of C-900 and C-905 piping systems will be utilized by the county to install via horizontal directional drilling, potable water, reclaimed water and wastewater lines. This represents the largest single contract for Fusible C- 900 and Fusible C-905 to date.

Underground Solutions also announced a contract to supply its Fusible C-900 and Fusible C-905 piping system to Disney World. They will be utilizing the company’s patent-pending technologies to install new drinking water, reclaimed water and wastewater pipes underground utilizing horizontal directional drilling methods which allow the gasketless Fusible C- 900 to be installed without digging and disturbing the surface area.


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