Feb 05, 2016

Union County, N.C., Teams with U.S. Army to Teach Water & Wastewater Management

Union County Public Works will help prepare Civil Affairs Teams to understand essential infrastructure

union county public works, u.s. army, wastewater management

Union County Public Works (UCPW) in Union County, N.C., is teaming up with the U.S. Army to help developing nations improve their water and wastewater management practices.

UCPW was contacted by Echo and Fox Companies, 98th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne), to help prepare seven Civil Affairs Teams (CATs) for an upcoming deployment, during which the teams will work with foreign governments, security forces and populations to assess and help address critical needs, including essential infrastructure. The efforts of the CATs are designed to improve stability by better connecting foreign populations with their governments. UCPW was asked to share the logistics, environmental impact and challenges of water and wastewater management with the CATs prior to their deployment.

“This training is extremely useful for our teams that are preparing to do their missions overseas,” said Major Kyle Goodridge. “It helps them understand how these kinds of facilities operate, how to interact with local officials and understand the impact that this kind of facility has on the population and how to effectively run an operation like this not only for the benefit of the county, but for the population it services as well.”

Union County Public Works hosted seven groups at its 12-Mile wastewater treatment facilities. Each group received a tour of the facilities, with presentations on wastewater treatment processes.