Apr 20, 2015

University of Michigan Activates Cooling Water Treatment System

The system will use a new cooling water treatment product that is expected to eliminate the need to use more toxic chemicals and improve the energy efficiency of the systems treated

University of Michigan cooling water treatment Mexel USA

The University of Michigan will continue its on-going efforts to operate its facilities in an energy efficient and environmentally sustainable fashion by demonstrating the use a cooling water treatment product recently approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The emulsion is expected to eliminate the need to use more toxic chemicals and improve the energy efficiency of the systems treated. The project is under way at the Palmer Commons building on the Central Campus and will continue throughout the remainder of the year.

During the demonstration, small amounts of the product, Mexel 432/0, will be injected into recirculating cooling tower water to address a number of fouling problems that can adversely affect operations and energy efficiency. The system is a recirculating cooling tower and chiller with an estimated volume of 25,000 gal with the greatest cooling load in the warmer months of the year. University engineers will closely monitor system operations using a number of established performance indicators. These results, along with economic and environmental factors, will be analyzed and compared to historical data for an overall evaluation of the project.

The University of Michigan’s energy services include the Central Power Plant (CPP) which generates and processes four main services to the University Central and Medical Campuses; steam, electricity, compressed air and domestic hot water, and energy systems for heating and cooling facilities throughout the university. The Central campus has more than 100 cooling tower systems that could benefit from similar treatment.The systems in the Palmer Commons building also supply cooling demanded for other nearby buildings.

“We are very pleased to be able to partner with the expert facilities professionals at the University of Michigan to demonstrate the efficacy of our product to service campus needs," said Mexel USA President Mary Wolter Glass. "We are certain that Mexel 432/0 will improve the environmental performance, efficiency of heat transfer and economic return of the cooling tower–chiller systems treated.We look forward to working with the University for many years to come.”

Through use of technology and facilities, Palmer Commons provides planning, meeting, programming and general gathering needs of the university and Ann Arbor communities. Palmer Commons offers flexible conference and meeting space, accommodating up to 274 people including a 140-seat auditorium Forum Hall, a 1,400 sq-ft atrium, and a 3,200-sq-ft divisible multipurpose room. A café provides food service daily as well.