USAID Awards Iraq Infrastructure II Contract

In support of the Coalition Provisional Authority's (CPA) reconstruction efforts in Iraq, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced the selection of a multimillion dollar Iraq infrastructure repair and rehabilitation contractor, otherwise referred to as the Iraq Infrastructure II contract, to Bechtel National, Inc. based in San Francisco. Bechtel is teamed with the Parsons Corp., Pasadena, Calif. The contract award provides funding up to $1.8 billion over 24 months. Funding is subject to congressional notification and availability of funds, reported the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA).

This contract will fund work similar to the work initiated under USAID's current infrastructure contract in Iraq, which was awarded in April, 2003. The Iraq Infrastructure II contract will fund a range of projects including repair of power generation facilities, electrical grids, municipal water systems and sewage systems; continued rehabilitation or repair of airport facilities; and additional dredging, repair and upgrading of the seaport at Umm Qasr. The contractor also will repair and build government and public facilities including schools, selected ministry buildings and major irrigation structures, as well as restore essential transport links.

It is anticipated that Bechtel National, Inc. will work through subcontractors on a number of these tasks after developing an implementation plan in conjunction with USAID. Through all of its activities, the contractor will work with the Iraqis to strengthen the local capability to undertake infrastructure projects.

The Iraq Infrastructure II contract is part of the U.S. government's reconstruction assistance to the Iraqi people, aimed at helping maintain stability, ensuring the delivery of essential services, and facilitate economic recovery.

For more information on USAID's humanitarian relief and reconstruction efforts in Iraq, as well as the actual Iraq Infrastructure II request for proposal, please visit

Bechtel has set up a special web site where potential suppliers and contractors can register at


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