USFilter’s CENTRA System Transforms Central Laboratory System Engineering

Packaged System Includes Everything You Need in One Cabinet

USFilter offers the CENTRA system, a centralized purification and distribution system that eliminates the need for laboratories to separately size, purchase and install the water treatment components that typically comprise a central system. The compact CENTRA packaged system incorporates a reservoir, reverse osmosis (RO) system, ultraviolet (UV) unit, tubing and pump in a single cabinet.

"Before packaged central systems were introduced, lab designers had to size each component separately, purchase the individual components -- sometimes from different vendors -- and incorporate them into the distribution loop," says Cheryl Gaynor, marketing manager, laboratory products division.

"Now, there's an off-the-shelf product that simplifies the installation, control and supply of pure water to a distribution loop."

The CENTRA provides a loop flow rate of up to 18L per minute, a recirculation pump and a 350-L storage tank. It includes a 200-L-per-hour RO system, a UV photo oxidation unit for enhanced bacterial control, a 0.2-micron filter to maintain water quality in the distribution loop, and a feed to and from an optional service DI cylinder, which may be positioned outside the system, but within the loop. The system is modular, with quick-connect pipe work, thus allowing for flexibility in the floor layout of equipment.

CENTRA systems offer the following features and benefits:

* Ability to monitor recirculation flow rate and status, reservoir level, product water quality, product water temperature and the need for filter change-out.

* Safety features, including audio-visual alarm warnings and an internal leak detection alarm, and passkey access to the control panel.

* A control panel with an easy-to-read, high contrast LCD display that allows performance parameters, operation mode and process flow to be checked quickly.

* A multifunctional touch panel with continuous display of operating parameters and process mode.

* Optional remote monitoring of the loop.

* Easy connection of the system to new or existing building management systems.

* A manually initiated automatic disinfection routine that simplifies sanitization and allows control of bacteria levels.

* Validation support documentation to ensure compliance with standards.

USFilter - A Siemens Company

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