USFilter Introduces PURELAB Option-Q Systems

USFilter has introduced the PURELAB Option-Q system that allows laboratories to produce one liter per minute of 18.2 megohm-cm water without the need for pre-purified feed water.

Incorporating reverse osmosis, deionization and ultraviolet sterilization technologies, the compact Option-Q delivers up to 15 liters per hour (100 liters per 8-hour day) of high-purity water direct from a potable water supply, and dispenses it at a flow rate of 1.0 L/min. This makes the PURELAB Option-Q the cost-effective choice for many laboratory applications.

The system includes a number of features that save time and ensure high-quality, reliable product water:

* Microprocessor-controlled management system for continuous monitoring of water purity;

* Recirculation of purified water through DV25 docking vessel or reservoir, to maintain consistent quality;

* Adjustable audio-visual alarms for total peace of mind;

* Simple sanitization regime; and

* Indicator that alerts user when cartridges should be changed.


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