USFilter will participate in the upcoming Water Quality and Technology Conference presented by the American Water Works Association in San Antonio, Texas, November 14-18, 2004. USFilter experts will present two papers, which focus on the company's arsenic and radium removal experiences in the lab and field.

Dr. Kashi Banerjee, Director, Process Development for USFilter, will present "Adsorption of Arsenic onto Granular Ferric Hydroxide in the Presence of Vanadium and Silica" on Wednesday, November 17. The podium presentation covers the impacts of soluble and colloidal forms of silica, and Vanadium on the performance of Granular Ferric Hydroxide media Dr. Gary L. Amy, Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado, is a co-author of the work being presented.

Tom Dumbaugh, P.E., Technical Sales Manager at USFilter, will present "Hydrous Manganous Oxide Process for Radium Reduction - Design and Practical Operating Experience" in a poster presentation on display from Sunday, November 14 through Tuesday, November 16. The paper details the HMO process for Radium removal including details on two HMO feed methods and processes. It also covers an existing installation and operating data from a pilot study.

In addition to the USFilter presenters, Dr. Wolfgang G. Driehaus, Managing Director of GEH Wasserchemie, the licensing company of GFH media, will present "Arsenic Removal with Iron Based Adsorbents: How to Deal with Silica" on Wednesday, November 17. This podium presentation will detail the influence of silica on arsenic adsorption in batch and column tests, showing that others factors beside the silica concentration influence the arsenic adsorption. Different ways to control the silica interference are presented and discussed.


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