USFilter to Provide Membrane Filtration System for California Mountains Water Treatment Plant

USFilter will supply a 200-gallon per minute (gpm) Memcor® Submerged Microfiltration (CMF-S) system to update the June Lake Public Utility District‚s existing water treatment plant in June Lake, Calif. The AXIA packaged CMF-S system from USFilter Memcor Products is part of the district's effort to meet current and future water quality regulations.

The district's existing facility, a 30-year-old pressure filtration plant, required improvements to meet water quality regulations and repairs to its aging infrastructure. To assist in expanding and upgrading their treatment plant, the district hired Kennedy/Jenks Consulting of Sacramento, Calif., to evaluate alternative treatment processes.

"Package pressure filtration, contact clarification/filtration and membrane filtration were evaluated," said Todd Reynolds of Kennedy/Jenks Consulting. Based on the evaluation, the district chose membrane filtration to treat the surface water from June Lake. The project included prepurchase of the AXIA packaged CMF-S system in the early design phase, allowing the final design to be based on the selected equipment.

The design of the system will allow for increased capacity, enabling the district to meet anticipated drinking water demand for the next 20 years. USFilter will supply a 200 gpm, expandable to 400 gpm, AXIA packaged plant that will fit within the existing building footprint.

The AXIA system, which includes the membrane filtration tanks, backwash filtrate tank, air supply system, instrumentation package, CIP and integral controls, is shipped pre-wired and piped, reducing installation time and costs. The district also contracted with USFilter to supply the SCADA system.

Start-up of the June Lake water treatment plant is scheduled for late 2004 and will be the first Memcor® CMF-S system installed in California to supply drinking water.

Memcor® Products provides flexible, state-of-the-art integrated microfiltration and RO membrane solutions for treating ground water, surface water, seawater, industrial process water and water reuse. A leading manufacturer of municipal and industrial microfiltration systems, USFilter Memcor® Products continues to develop new membrane polymers, module configurations and system designs for today and the future.


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