Apr 10, 2003

USFilter Provides Complete Drinking Water Solution for Fast-Growing California Community

The Western Hills Water District will be the first of several water districts in the state of California to use the new Microfloc® ACTIFLOC™ drinking water treatment system. The Diablo Grande Limited Partnership, the developer of the community located near Patterson, Calif., selected the new technology engineered by USFilter.

Several treatment process options were considered. However, the Microfloc® system was selected by the community because of its ability to handle influent turbidity spikes, low installed cost, minimized operational costs and high quality of water produced. The system will produce 1,400 gallons per minute (gpm) of drinking water for this fast-growing community.

In addition to the ACTIFLOC™ package plant, USFilter will provide overall plant and process controls using a Honeywell Plantscape® SCADA system along with Stranco Polyblend™ polymer feed system, pH control, coagulant feed and powdered activated carbon storage, makeup and feed systems.

The fast track project will require a temporary treatment system to produce drinking water for the community during the construction of the permanent plant. USFilter also will provide mobile temporary treatment units.

Brown and Caldwell of Walnut Creek, Calif., were the engineers on this project.