USFilter to Supply Key Wastewater Technology for Singapore's Changi Water Reclamation Project

State-of-the-Art, Stacked Clarifiers Provide Space Saving Treatment for 210 mgd Plant

USFilter was awarded a contract to supply more than $30 million of wastewater treatment technology for Singapore's new Changi Water Reclamation Plant.  The 800 million liters per day (mld) (210 million gallons per day) water reclamation plant is part of a $2.85 billion (5 billion SGD) water treatment upgrade. The 464 chain and scraper clarifier mechanisms, engineered and supplied as a system by USFilter Envirex Products of Waukesha, Wis. USA, will be part of the plant's unique space-saving, stacked clarification systems.

With land at a premium for this small country, the plant design incorporates space-saving techniques such as the stacked clarifier design.  The stacked clarifiers are constructed one upon the other to reduce the footprint, while providing a high volume of quality effluent.  The mechanisms supplied by USFilter Envirex Products will become the heart of 48 stacked clarifiers at the plant.  USFilter is a leading supplier of systems for stacked clarifiers with large installations such as Boston Harbor for the city of Boston, Mass., and water reclamation plants at Ulu Pandan and Seletar, Singapore.

"Because of the large number and unique design of the clarifiers, it was important that the technology was proven and of high quality and reliability to ensure consistent operation.  Through our experience at other facilities in the U.S. and Singapore, we clearly demonstrated our engineering, technical and service capabilities," says Govar Katta, Asia-Pacific regional manager, USFilter.

The Changi Water Reclamation Plant will eventually be one of two water treatment facilities in the country, replacing the existing eight plants. Most of the recycled water from the plant will be used for industrial purposes; some will be discharged into the ocean.

The project is scheduled to begin operation in late 2007.


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