UV Disinfection System

canature_uv disinfection system_genesis h2o

The Genesis H2O UV disinfection system is designed to provide features that make installation faster and easier. The system’s “gland seal” and “positive stop” design eliminates O-ring deformation and nuisance leaks and prevents broken sleeves. A female grounding lug with captive ground screw eliminates lost groundnuts or improperly grounded reactors. The bayonet-style lamp connector allows for simple lamp replacement without tools. QR codes allow users to access lamp change information and troubleshooting videos via the Web. A quarter turn to the connector releases the lamp from its locked position. The proprietary lamp and connector are protected by a world patent. A full-color user interface allows for easy visual identification of remaining lamp life and any error or fault codes. The system is easily upgradable: Users can add a UV intensity monitor, solenoid valve or remote alarm without replacing the unit.


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