Feb 16, 2017

IUVA Conference Sees Record Attendance

Nearly half of attendees visited from outside the U.S.

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The International Ultraviolet Assn. (IUVA) 2017 Americas Conference drew a record number of attendees, representing 28 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and 11 countries. The event focused on UV light as an effective, chemical-free disinfection process for water, air, and surfaces, providing sustainability benefits to workers, communities and the environment. Though a regional event, nearly half of attendees visited from outside the U.S.

The IUVA Americas Conference presentations focused on topics ranging from microbiological research to UV light sources, including UV LEDs, with attendees from academia, regulatory bodies, manufacturers and end-user organizations. In addition to the event focus on water reuse and municipal water treatment, a unique panel discussion stimulated a lively discussion on “Fighting Hospital Acquired Infections and Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms With, UV-C--Industry, Healthcare, And Federal Collaboration.” A Best Student Paper Award was presented to Sydney Ulliman from the University of Colorado at Boulder for her presentation on Enhancing Efficiency of UV Advanced Oxidation Processes via Iron Addition.

The next IUVA Event is the 2017 IUVA World Congress Sept. 17 to 20, 2017, in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Visit www.iuva.org for details.