Oct 04, 2013

UV Pure Realigns North American Wholesale Distribution

Distribution through 3M Purification in the U.S. and 3M in Canada to stop at the end of the year

UV Pure North America Wholesale Distribution 3M Purification

Wholesalers, distributors and dealers that have purchased UV Pure products and parts from 3M in the U.S. or Canada may now purchase them directly from UV Pure Technologies. Parts will continue to be available to wholesalers from 3M through calendar year 2014, or directly from UV Pure.

Rick VanSant, CEO of UV Pure said, “We have enjoyed an excellent, mutually beneficial relationship with 3M for many years. 3M’s role as a ‘master distributor’ to wholesalers in the U.S. and Canada was instrumental introducing our product lines to North America when our distribution was less mature in many areas of those countries. Over the last several years, UV Pure has dramatically increased its market coverage through direct wholesalers, direct-to-dealer sales and its manufacturer’s representatives to the engineered solutions markets. The elimination of an extra layer of distribution through 3M will lower costs and improve margins to wholesalers and dealers currently purchasing through master distribution, and provide direct access to UV Pure’s excellent order response time and in-stock efficiencies. In our market, you simply have to be able to order product and parts with confidence in a fast response and complete order fulfillment.”

UV Pure’s product lines will continue to be available from 3M in Australia, Malaysia and Taiwan.