May 01, 2013

UV Superstore Launches New Website

Company focuses on improved user experience and enhanced functionality

UV Superstore Inc. New Website

UV Superstore Inc. launched its new official website featuring an extensive search and cross reference of replacement ultraviolet (UV) lamps, quartz sleeves and other consumables for use in most UV water and air treatment systems. The website features UV Superstore's brand of UV treatment systems with models for residential and commercial/industrial applications. 

The website provides users a step-by-step navigational layout to find replacement UV lamps, quartz sleeves and other spare parts for their UV treatment systems. It also features a find what you need by manufacturer or a search by product category, allowing users to quickly search the inventory. Product detail pages contain high-resolution images complete with product descriptions and specifications. Visitors can quickly inquire to UV Superstore using the new online inquiry form and submit directly to the company.