ASSE International, CSA Group release joint standard for water pressure reducing valves

July 26, 2023
ASSE 1003/CSA B356 provides a joint standard for water pressure reducing devices in water distribution systems, streamlining certification processes in the U.S. and Canada.

ASSE International and the CSA Group have announced the release of a new joint standard for water pressure reducing valves in potable water distribution systems: ASSE 1003/CSA B356, Pressure Reducing Devices.

The resulting standard will streamline the certification process for products seeking market in the United States and Canada by now requiring only one set of tests for both countries.

The standard is the first of three standards which the two standards developing organizations agreed to develop jointly.

Manufacturers, authorities having jurisdiction, and consumers alike all benefit from the harmonization of standards, which eliminates discrepancies — both minor and substantial — between standards developed independently of one another and specific to one nation’s requirements. When a manufacturer’s products are able to achieve simultaneous compliance for market in two countries, these savings may be passed directly to consumers.

“The harmonization of the ASSE 1003 and CSA B356 standards progressed very efficiently and quickly with a well-organized, dedicated committee,” Watts Manager of Codes and Standards John Bertrand said. “The resulting harmonized standard, like others before it, alleviates the need for manufacturers to monitor and certify to different requirements for the U.S. and Canadian markets.”

ASSE International and the CSA Group are continuing their work on the harmonization of two more standards: ASSE 1013/CSA B64.4, which covers performance requirements for reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assemblies; and ASSE 1015/CSA B64.5, which addresses double check backflow prevention assemblies. These standards are expected to be released the beginning of 2024.