Vanson HaloSource and Monogram Systems Tackle Safe Water in Commercial Planes and High-Speed Trains

Without careful maintenance, commercial aircraft drinking water is contaminated with bacteria in 17% of cases, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. A partnership between two leading companies in water safety and technology may change all that.

Vanson HaloSource, Inc., a Redmond, Wash., based health science technology company, has signed a joint development agreement with Monogram Systems of Carson, Calif. The agreement covers feasibility and technical development for water sanitization and purification systems for commercial airliners and high-speed trains, using HaloPure, Vanson HaloSource's innovative water treatment and purification technology.

Monogram Systems is the global leader in application of water and waste technology for the transportation industry, with extensive experience over the past 50 years. Monogram designs and manufactures complete potable water systems for business, regional and large commercial aircraft.

"HaloPure technology offers a potential solution to simple, safe and complete purification of drinking water," said John Kaestle, CEO, Vanson HaloSource. "HaloPure harnesses the power of chlorine and may enable water treatment appliances to create drinking water free of bacteria and viruses."

"This is a particularly important arena for the application of water sanitization technology, in view of heightened health and regulatory concerns over water safety on passenger aircraft," said Jeff Williams, chief technology officer, Vanson HaloSource. "HaloPure's bead technology offers safe drinking water that also tastes and smells good."

In internal laboratory testing, Vanson HaloSource has demonstrated that chlorine, bound to HaloPure beads, can treat bacteria and viruses commonly found in drinking water, promising to improve water treatment systems by providing an effective solution to microbial contamination problems.

Vanson HaloSource, Inc.

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