Verification Reports and Statements Released

NSF International has released new verification reports and statements for the ETV Drinking Water Treatment Systems (DWTS) Pilot.

• The Kinetico Macrtolite(R) Coagulation and Filtration System, Model CPS100CPT for the removal of arsenic.

• The Kinetico CPS100CPT Coagulation and Filtration System for the physical removal of Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium oocysts in drinking water.

• The Lapoint Industries Aqua-Rite Potable Water Filtration System.

• The Rosedale Products Bag and Rigid Cartridge Filter System, Model GFS-302P2-150S-ESBB.

After completing ETV testing, the EPA and NSF have approved these reports for distribution.

These reports are located in their entirety on the NSF and EPA web sites. You can download these reports as well as other ETV project documents from the NSF ETV web site at and the EPA ETV web site at

NSF International

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