WQP January 2018 New Product Showcase

WQP Managing Editor Amy McIntosh presents five new products.

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WQP January 2018 New Product Showcase

WQP Managing Editor Amy McIntosh presents five new products.

Hydrotech Road Show

Watch this video for information about a free training opportunity that will help your business grow. Space is limited. Register today at

Homer's Soft Water Tackles Hurricane Harvey

Find out how one Houston-area dealership responded to Hurricane Harvey.

FreshPoint Systems

The Pentair FreshPoint product line is available in both filtration and reverse osmosis systems.

Pentair Partners Program

Join the Pentair Partners Program today.

Simple Survey: Most Commonly Requested Products

Different regions have different water quality, so Bob Crossen found what products are requested in different areas of the country.

Simple Survey: Biggest Regional Topic of Discussion

WQP spoke to several attendees of the WQA Convention about what water topic made the biggest buzz in their area.

Show Short: Disinfecting Water With UV LEDs

AquiSense President & CEO Oliver Lawal explains the benefits of LEDs for UV disinfection.

Speedy Survey: Most Helpful WQA Show Session

WQP learned which educational sessions were most popular among attendees at the 2017 WQA Convention & Exposition.

Speedy Survey: Most Interesting Tech at WQA Show

WQP Managing Editor Bob Crossen asks WQA show attendees about technology on the show floor.

Speedy Survey: Most Useful Part of WQA Show

What did attendees of the 2017 WQA Convention & Exposition find most useful at the show? We asked them to find out.

WQRF 5k Spring Challenge

The Inaugural WQRF 5k Spring Challenge garnered a lot of support. WQP Managing Editor Bob Crossen spoke with participants about their experience at the event.

Soft Water by Fleck

Give your customers the luxury of soft water with Pentair Fleck solutions.

Soft Water by Autotrol

Give your customers the luxury of soft water with Pentair Autotrol solutions.

Pentair Carbon Filtration Technologies

Carbon is one of the oldest techniques for filtration, and it still proves to be one of the most effective.

33 Days of Arsenic With AdEdge Water Technologies

Join the staff of AdEdge as they answer questions about 33 questions about arsenic. #33daysofarsenic

Talking on Water - Episode #7 Ammonia in Groundwater

Dr. Ronit Erlitzki, Business Development Director at AdEdge, joins in to discuss why communities should be concerned about ammonia, and a breakthrough technology that addresses the compound in groundwater.

Talking on Water - Episode #8 Importance of Chemistry

AdEdge Water Technologies' Rich Cavagnaro and Sahar Fathordoobadi discuss the importance of chemistry and how it serves as the basis of everything behind AdEdge's processes.

Talking on Water - Episode #6 Georgia Tech Roundtable

AdEdge chats with graduates of the Georgia Institute of Technology about working in the water treatment industry.

Show Short: Ride With Purpose (AKA The Water Buffalos)

Ride With Purpose members traveled a collective 30,000 miles to ACE16 for water quality awareness and improvements.

Show Short: Deep Trekker Submersible Robot

Deep Trekker provided ACE16 show-goers a hands-on demonstration of its submersible robot that withstood repeated run-ins with its tank walls.

The Water's Fine at ACE16

From massive pipes to underwater robots, W&WD, WQP and SWS saw plenty of new technology at AWWA ACE16 in Chicago.

biottta Biological Filtration Case Study in California

Delano, Calif., was experiencing high nitrate levels in their groundwater. AdEdge, in conjunction with Carollo Engineers, designed, manufactured, and commissioned a biottta biological filtration system for nitrate removal rated for 570 gpm.

Talking on Water - Episode #5 Biotreatment Options

This episode of "Talking on Water" features Kelvin Rosa, a staff engineer at AdEdge Water Technologies, who sits down to talk about the future of biological groundwater treatment.

Talking on Water - Episode #4 Radionuclide Removal and More

The next episode of Talking on Water discusses several important trends: radionuclide removal, an improved iron/manganese square foot design at AdEdge, and weighing the reasons for piloting a project.

Talking on Water - Episode #3 Arsenic Treatment Options

The third episode of "Talking on Water" from AdEdge Water Technologies explores aresenic treatment options and takes you behind the scenes of the San Antonio de los Cobres project.

Talking on Water - Episode #2 Emerging Trends and Advancements in the Water Industry

The second episode of "Talking on Water" from AdEdge Water Technologies examines emerging trends in the water industry, as well as advancements in manufacturing and tech service.

Talking on Water - Episode #1 Nitrate Removal and biottta

This new podcast series from AdEdge Water Technologies dives deep into the world of water treatment and contaminant removal technologies. The first episode touches on nitrate removal and biottta biotreatment.

Sales Tips: Sanitization Service

Kelly Thompson of Moti-Vitality recommends adding sanitization as part of a maintenance program.

Pentair Partner Center

Sign on to Pentair's Partner Center today to discover all the tools your business needs to sell and service Pentair products in one location:

2014 Dealer of the Year

Managing Editor Kate Cline catches up with 2014 Dealer of the Year Scott Hillman of Integrity Plumbing & Water Treatment.

Sales Tips: Sanitize

Kelly Thompson of Moti-Vitality advises on the importance of sanitizing water treatment equipment.

GRO Transformed

Transform your business with the latest in RO technology.

H-300-NXT Drinking Water System

Designed with homeowners in mind, the new H-300-NXT filtration system is NSF certified to reduce emerging contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals and BPA, in your water.

EF-Series: Full Flow Filtration

Enjoy Everpure everywhere in your home with the EF-Series full flow filtration line. No additional faucets are required.

Behind the Scenes

Take a virtual tour and meet the team at Axeon Water Technologies in sunny Southern California.

Sales Tips: Chlorine Removal

Moti-Vitality's Kelly Thompson explains the importance of chlorine removal.

Revere Wireless Low Salt Alarm

The Revere wireless low salt alarm is a convenient, simple and affordable way to ensure you’ll never be surprised by hard water again—protecting your skin, hair, clothes and appliances.

Control Valve Teardown

This video demonstrates the internal components of the Pentair Fleck 2510 control valve.

Superior Filtration Demo

Discover superior filtration with Pentair's top-selling Everpure H-300 filtration system.