Jun 04, 2021

Checking In #47: What is the Relationship Between Water & Art?

Checking In #47: What is the Relationship Between Water & Art?

In this episode of Checking In: A Series With WQP, WQP Managing Editor Lauren Del Ciello checks in with Arica Hilton, artist/poet/conservationist/global advocate and artist-in-residence for the Van Gogh Chicago immersive experience. Hilton's work often focuses around water, like her exhibit TIDES, A PRELUDE, which incorporated recycled plastic water bottles, or her visual poem I FLOW LIKE WATER, and soon a new group show with other conservation artists called I AM OCEAN, highlighting the importance of water and how it affects the health of our environment.

Recorded and released just ahead of World Oceans Day — June 8 annually — the conversation digs into the relationship between water and art. Hilton explains, in her words, that the relationship between water and art is about humanity at its core. The discussion moves to water issues Hilton is passionate about addressing, such as microplastic contamination, and how storytelling can bridge connections to yield greater understanding. Finally, Hilton offers a guide for sharing the value of water with others, even for those who do not think of themselves traditionally as artists/storytellers.

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