Sep 02, 2021

Checking In #53: What is TikTok?

Checking In #53: What is TikTok?

In this episode of Checking In: A Series With WQP, WQP Managing Editor Lauren Del Ciello checks in with Nicole Wheat, director of operations for Advanced Water Treatment (AWT). Wheat and her team at the water treatment dealership AWT have found success using a unique new form of digital marketing — TikTok. She explains from a high level what TikTok is and how the dealership initially started leveraging the tool. The conversation digs into where Wheat and the team find inspiration for their videos, including the fun stories behind a few favorites. Finally, she outlines the success the dealership has seen using TikTok to gain traction in its own community and offers advice to other business owners who may be wondering if this is a potential digital marketing avenue for them.

Key moment & wisdom: "There’s a lot of unique things about water treatment that people don’t know and we wanted to showcase that. We thought that TikTok would be a good way to really show the personality of our company and make content that would make people laugh and engage them," Wheat said. "It’s been working so far pretty well. We have quite the engagement."

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