Jan 05, 2022

NGWA Groundwater Week 2021 | WQP Checking In

NGWA Groundwater Week 2021 | WQP Checking In

In this special episode of Checking In: A Series With WQP, WQP Managing Editor Lauren Del Ciello does a live check-in with National Ground Water Association (NGWA) leadership at the NGWA Groundwater Week 2021, held December 14 to 16, 2021, in Nashville. NGWA President Brian Snelton explains hot topics at the show and how to get involved, while Ben Frech, PR relations and government affairs manager for NGWA, discusses the show floor and unique obstacles in hosting the first in-person NGWA Groundwater Week since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, view a hyperlapse and other footage live from the show floor to get in on the action.

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