Aug 18, 2011

Vigilant Expands Water From Air Product to Saudi Arabia, Sudan

Sudanese ambassador to Malaysia visited offices to learn more about treatment system

Malaysian-owned Vigilant Sdn Bhd’s bid to sell its product, which converts air into water, is gaining global momentum, said Managing Director Krish Kumar.

He said his company had received hundreds of enquiries since its recent signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to create Vigilant Saudi Arabia (Vigilant SA) to market its Water From Air product in that country.

The MOU, which was recently signed by Kumar and Nouf Idrees, a businesswoman and member of a prominent Saudi family, gives Vigilant SA the right to act as the sole importer, distributor and agent for the product.

“We are now receiving hundreds of enquiries from around the world, especially the Middle East and Africa, where there is a shortage of water. Several foreign parties have also approached us to enter into arrangements similar to that of Vigilant SA. This spells excellent news for us and our Water From Air product,” Kumar said during a visit by the Sudanese ambassador to Malaysia, Nadir Yousif Eltayeb.

Eltayeb, accompanied by Embassy Counsellor Asim Yasin Mohamed Ahmed, was on a fact-finding mission to learn more about the product.

He was briefed by Kumar on both the home version, marketed under the brand name V-Stream for household and office use, and the commercial version, which is installed on rooftops.

Both systems work by extracting air from the atmosphere and condensing it through several filters to produce clean, safe drinking water.

Eltayeb said he was keen to explore opportunities in which Water From Air could be installed in Sudan to generate water. The country has an annual rainfall of about 250 mm between June and September.

In southern Sudan, where equatorial climatic conditions prevail, the region gets an annual rainfall of more than 1,015 mm, but this amount can prove to be inadequate.

Kumar said a technical team would first be sent to evaluate environmental conditions in Sudan before suitable modifications are made to the system to withstand the region’s sandstorms.

Earlier, Eltayeb was given a tour of QI Tower, where Vigilante’s offices are located, and briefed on the commercial version of the Water From Air system, which is installed on the rooftop of the 15-story building to supply the drinking water needs of its 300 employees.