Vital Living Products Announces EPA Registration of PurWell(TM) Product

P>Vital Living Products, Inc. received EPA

(Environmental Protection Agency) registration of its PurWell product. It

is recognized by the EPA as a proper method to disinfect private wells. The

EPA has issued PurWell chlorine pellets registration number 53026-1-73995

which will be visible on all PurWell bottles.

"The reason we developed PurWell was because consumers have been using

household bleach and swimming pool chlorination pellets which are not

registered for drinking water applications," said Don Podrebarac, CEO of Vital

Living Products. "The increase in reports of bacteria in private wells points

to the need for this product. In fact, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control

and Prevention) conducted a study of private wells, and of those sampled, 41%

had some form of bacteria."

PurWell provides well owners with an economical, and reliable method

of well treatment. PurWell is laboratory certified to kill bacteria,

including coliform and E. coli bacteria, in well water with dry, pelletized

chlorine. Clear instructions are provided for accurate treatment.

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