VRTX Introduces Mini to Supply Chemical-Free Option to Small Commercial Buildings

Expanding product line targets small commercial, retail stores with cooling system solution

At the AHR Expo in Chicago, VRTX Technologies is introducing the VRTX Mini, a chemical-free solution for evaporative cooling systems specifically designed for small commercial buildings and retail stores.

The core of all VRTX products is the patented Advanced Cavitation Reactor, which utilizes the principle of controlled hydrodynamic cavitation to minimize corrosion as well as control scaling and biological fouling without the need for hazardous treatment chemicals. The smallest of the company’s product offering, the Mini is designed specifically for lower heat-load applications such as commercial buildings and retail stores.

"Small commercial buildings and retail stores, because of their size, are often poorly served today by the chemical treatment industry. As importantly, there is a growing desire from our customers to remove, or eliminate altogether, the use of hazardous chemicals on their premises," said Dave Koontz, vice president of operations at VRTX.

The Advanced Cavitation Reactor used by the VRTX Mini leverages the physics of cavitation to alter water chemistry so that corrosion, scale and biological fouling are controlled without the need of hazardous chemicals. This also reduces the amount of cooling water required in systems.

VRTX Technologies

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