Walk for Water Raises $35,000 for Water Projects in Third World Countries

HaloKlear participated in the "Carry 5 Walk for Water" to raise money for Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Honduras and India

HaloSource, the parent company of HaloKlear, recently participated in the fifth annual “Carry 5 Walk for Water” in Seattle. The SeaKlear team was made up of 24 employees, eight children and eight dogs. The event raised a total of $35,000 for water projects in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Honduras and India.

The event is run by Water1st.org—an organization that educates the western world that worldwide, women and children spend up to five hours each day fetching water for their families, that 5 million girls cannot attend school because they are carrying water and that 5,000 children die from preventable, water-related diseases every day. The goal of the event is to walk while carrying water for 5 km and experience what more than 1 billion people do every day. The walks raise funds and awareness to end the water crisis for people living in poor countries.

"It is our obligation to play an active role in support of the creation of sustainable, clean water projects to thousands of people around the world," said Martin Coles, CEO of HaloSource. "HaloSource chose to be a sponsor of the Carry 5 Walk to show our shared commitment to protecting our most precious resource—water.”



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