'Walk for Water' Raises Funds for Clean Water Systems in Haiti

Nearly 5,000 villagers now have access to a safe, sustainable source of water

Haiti Drinking Water Systems Grundfos Morgan Hunter

Nearly 5,000 villagers in Dauphine and Rossignol, Haiti, now have access to a safe, sustainable source of water. The new water systems were funded by the Grundfos Kansas City Walk for Water, which raised $50,000 last June in support of Water Missions Intl., an international nonprofit organization committed to fighting the global water crisis. Morgan Hunter contributed $10,000 to the cause.

In celebration of the recent installations, Grundfos and Morgan Hunter held an employee event to highlight how the Walk for Water transformed the quality of life for villagers in the two villages, where the $50,000 funded not only the water pump systems, but also the training needed to sustain them and the hygiene lessons needed to prevent contamination.

Access to clean water is a luxury in cholera-ridden Haiti. Elsewhere in the country, the main source of water is typically a heavily contaminated, garbage-filled river also used for bathing and washing clothes. In a country where houses are made of plastic tarps and metal scraps and electricity and paved roads are scarce, clean water is the first step toward healthier living standards.

Terry Teach, vice president of sales for Grundfos, visited Haiti last month to see the installation sites firsthand. He shared his experiences at the recent employee event, where other speakers included Lauren Jernigan of Water Missions Intl., Brian Price and Jerry Hellebusch of Morgan Hunter and Bob Parks of Grundfos.



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