Wastewater Plant is Swimming in Sludge

The Mooresville, Ind., wastewater treatment plant is overflowing with sludge, according to a report in the Indianapolis Star.

Plant employees make up to 19 trips a week, sometimes hauling 20,000 gallons a day, to dispose of sludge at Indianapolis' Belmont sewage plant.

Even those efforts aren't enough. The plant still has 150,000 gallons of sludge in storage, said Dan Tingle, superintendent of Mooresville's wastewater treatment plant.

Tingle told the Town Council the problems will only get worse as the community continues to grow. He encouraged council members to consider a four-phase, $4 million expansion of the plant.

The council took no action on the proposal. Council members authorized spending $12,000 to remove all 150,000 gallons of sludge in storage.

Indy Star

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