Wataire Industries, Inc. Announces Commencement of Contracts

Wataire Industries, Inc., an International Company focusing on developing and delivering technology-based water harvesting systems worldwide, received full payment of $252,989.53 USD for the purchase of 576 HO10 Atmospheric Water Generators from Water Tech Systems, Inc.

Water Tech Systems must purchase six containers annually to retain exclusive rights to market the HO10 Atmospheric Water Generator in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

Wataire also received full payment of $208,900 USD from AWC Blue Lagoon Belize. The payment is for the purchase of two CI - 2500 commercial generators and 80 HO10 generators.

AWC must purchase minimum quantities of eight 40 ft containers of the HO10 generators (2,304 units) and a minimum of six CI - 2500 generators annually to retain exclusive rights for Belize. Wataire technicians have installed the CI - 2500 generators in Belize City, Belize, under the direction of AWC Blue Lagoon.

The two contracts will bring $2.75 million USD in sales to the company annually based on minimum purchases. The Agreements cover a three-year period, with a renewal right for an additional three years contingent on performance.

Wataire Industries, Inc.

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