Water Agencies Release Vote Record Report

Analysis Shows How Lawmakers Voted on Key Water Bills

The Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) has released its annual Legislative Vote Record Report examining how state lawmakers voted on key water legislation this year.

The report, released at the association's annual fall conference, is designed to help ACWA members track their local legislators' actions on bills important to the water community. It analyzes 13 floor votes in the Assembly and 14 floor votes in the Senate, and summarizes how each lawmaker voted relative to ACWA's position on the bill at the time of the vote.

"This report is one part of a larger effort to keep our members tuned in to what happens in Sacramento," ACWA State Legislative Director Robert J. Reeb said. "While a vote record alone may not tell the complete story, it is a useful starting point for understanding how our elected officials are doing on issues that matter to us."

According to the report, six Assembly members cast votes in agreement with ACWA in 12 out of the 13 floor votes analyzed. They include Mike Briggs (R-Fresno), Richard Dickerson (R-Redding), Jay La Suer (R-La Mesa), Keith Richman (R-Granada Hills), George Runner (R-Lancaster) and Phil Wyman (R-Victorville).

On the Senate side, Ray Haynes (R-Riverside) voted with ACWA in 13 out of 14 floor votes analyzed. Senator Pete Knight (R-Palmdale) voted in support of ACWA's position 12 out of 14 times.

Floor votes analyzed in the report included:

-- AB 38 (Strom-Martin), which requires the Legislative Analyst to prepare and submit to the Legislature a report on special district water agencies and how they are governed. Opposed by ACWA.

-- SB 221 (Kuehl), which requires written verification that a sufficient water supply is available before a tentative map is approved for new housing developments over 500 units. Opposed by ACWA unless amended.

-- AB 378 (Calderon), which authorizes regional water boards to contract with water agencies to investigate existing or threatened groundwater pollution, and requires groundwater cleanup systems to treat water to standards set by regional boards. Supported by ACWA.

-- SB 23 (Costa), which requires the Department of Water Resources to prepare and submit to the Legislature a report describing its progress toward meeting the goals of the CALFED Bay-Delta Program and implementing the schedule established in CALFED's Record of Decision. Supported by ACWA.

ACWA is a statewide organization whose 440 public water agencies are responsible for about 90 percent of the water delivered in California. For more information, visit www.acwanet.com.

Association of California Water Agencies

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