Sep 16, 2014

Water Community Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Throughout September, water community will pay tribute to the contributions of Hispanic-Latino community

The American Water Works Assn. (AWWA) and the water community kicked off a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Throughout September, AWWA and its members will pay tribute to the many contributions the Hispanic-Latino community has made to the water community, the nation and the world.

“Generations of Hispanic and Latino Americans have lent their labor and talents to the water and wastewater community in the United States,” said David LaFrance, AWWA CEO. “It is through their efforts that much of the early water and wastewater infrastructure was built, and it will be this generation’s ingenuity and skill from which solutions will be drawn to address our future infrastructure needs. In honor of our Hispanic and Latino members I raise a glass of tapwater to them for their commitment to creating a better world through better water.”

To commemorate the occasion, AWWA and its members will celebrate with events and other activities at public and private water and wastewater utilities across the U.S., highlighting the critical role the Hispanic-Latino community has played in the history of the water community.