Oct 03, 2013

Scale-Control Solution Receives Patent for Reducing Deposits

Clearitas removes scale, kills bacteria, reduces chlorine demand in utility and commercial water systems

Cleritas Blue Earth Labs Chemical Scale Control U.S. Patent Office

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded U.S. Patent 8,518,270 directed to methods encompassing use of the Blue Earth Labs’ Clearitas (formerly RE-Ox) scale-control solution. This patent, the 10th one held or acquired by the company, broadens the exclusive rights obtained by the previously granted U.S. Patent 8,366,939 by covering the supply of an activated scale-control solution to a water distribution or water recirculation system without reference to any process for manufacturing the scale control solution.

This patent quantifies the success of Clearitas, the stable product of an advanced electrocatalytic chlor-alkali process designed to attack the organic and inorganic scale that adheres to pipe walls and other wetted surfaces, when applied at low concentrations to remove scale, kill bacteria, reduce chlorine demand and disinfection by-products (DBPs) in both utility and commercial water distribution systems. Additionally, the patent extends Blue Earth Labs’ coverage to supplemental mixed oxidants, regardless of manufacturing method, for bulk delivery and injection into previously disinfected water in any water distribution and recirculation systems such as municipal drinking water and cooling towers. It covers dosing a water distribution or water recirculation system with the product to yield supplemental oxidants in a range of 1 to 50 parts per billion — which is equivalent to dosing Clearitas 101 from 2 to 100 ppm as product.

As the only U.S. EPA-registered scale-control disinfectant, Clearitas possesses oxidizing properties that allow for active breakdown of the polysaccharide layer that shields biofilms from traditional disinfectants like chlorine. Clearitas removes the anchor sites for bacteria and prevents future biological growth in the water system with continued use. As a deposit control product, Clearitas provides water system operators with true flexibility — capable of being dosed according to water system needs in order to control the rate of deposit removal while being compatible with all commonly used primary and secondary disinfection methods.

Recently, the EPA determined that the disinfectant strength for two product versions of Clearitas — Clearitas 350 and Clearitas 450 — allows them to additionally be used as hard surface disinfectants.

There are currently six Clearitas product versions formulated for utility and commercial water systems including hospitals and healthcare and food processing facilities.