Water Conserv II Celebrates 10-Year Safety Record

Water Conserv II, which is contract operated by Woodard & Curran, recently celebrated a 10-year safety record of no-lost-time accidents - no accidents that required any staff to miss a day of work.

"Employees take safety seriously here at the project," said Woodard & Curran Project Manager Chuck Nichols. "Every employee is involved in safety planning and training, and all employees are certified in CPR and first aid."

Employee involvement is a major part of the Health & Safety program at Water Conserv II. Monthly safety training meetings have been held since the facility revamped its health and safety program and formed a safety committee more than 12 years ago. In addition, the facility's 24 full-time employees each takes turns leading weekly tail-gate safety meetings, spending about 15 to 20 minutes on a safety topic.

As part of its focus on safety, the facility provides employees with quality safety equipment that is practical and cost-effective. For instance, safety glasses double as sunglasses and boots and gloves are constructed of sturdy leather.

Nichols is a member of Woodard & Curran's Corporate Safety Committee and Woodard & Curran holds membership with the Central Florida Safety Council.

Water Conserv II, jointly owned by the City of Orlando and Orange County, is the largest water reclamation project of its type in the world, one that combines agricultural irrigation and rapid infiltration basins (RIBs). Woodard & Curran's onsite personnel consist of operators, mechanics, electricians, instrument specialists, grounds maintenance technicians, maintenance technicians, and data collection technicians. The staff provides 24-hour-a-day coverage, 365 days a year.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Woodard & Curran is an environmental consulting firm integrating services in engineering, science, and operations. Founded as a 10-person office in 1979, the firm now has eight offices in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Florida and contract operates nearly 50 treatment facilities nationwide.

Woodard Curran

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