Nov 06, 2014

New Device Makes Water From Air

'Peon' device feeds plants with water from the atmosphere

Peon device aids in water conservation

A small Canadian upstart, Waterator Industries Inc., released a new device for atmospheric water generation, dubbed the Peon.

“Peon may look like an inconspicuous little plastic frog,” the company stated in a release. “[But] he is about to make a vital contribution to global conservation efforts by watering plants using water out of thin air.”

The company said that the device will contribute to water conservation efforts by avoiding the need to use drinkable water, which is only 2.5% of the water on Earth, for a non-consumable purpose.

Waterator Industries Inc. is currently raising funds through Kickstarter to get the product out into the market.

“With so little of the world’s water being drinkable, it makes sense for us to conserve as much of it as we can for human consumption,” said John Heary, CEO of Waterator Industries Inc. “Each year, billions of gallons of drinking water are thrown onto plants. This ‘human water’ not only shortens the lifespan of plants, but it leaves less of it for us.

“Water particles in the air are instantly replenished through a number of natural processes, so it makes sense for us to develop a device that can water plants through humidity. This water is 100% natural and can keep plants alive for five or ten years,” Heary added.

Peon can be operated by simply plugging it into the wall and inserting the "soil stake" into a potted plant.

“Innovation aside for moment, Peon can make life a whole lot easier. There’s no longer a need to worry about watering plants while on vacation, [and] with the Peon's three water settings, it allows the perfect trickle of water for any particular plant type. The electricity costs are just a fraction per liter of paying for water from the grid, and users can literally 'set and forget' their plants, as they last many lifetimes longer than hand-watering from the tap,” Heary said.

Waterator Industries Inc. needs to raise $250,000 over the next month to keep the project alive. Those backing its Kickstarter campaign are promised a host of rewards, ranging from their names on the company’s website to branded t-shirts, hats and Peons in a range of colors.

The company plans to offer Peons in a range of sizes, shapes and designs, as well as adapt its atmospheric water generation technology to other uses that support the conversation of clean drinking water.