Sep 07, 2017

Closed System Design Eliminates Need for In-Tank Sanitization

The Vertex PureChill-900 PureWaterCooler is a two-temperature, low-profile, bottle-less water dispenser that uses PureChill technology to eliminate the need for an open reservoir for cold water storage. The closed system keeps environmental contaminants out so there is no need for in-tank sanitization. Having a closed and pressurized dispense system also delivers a faster flow of water. Water is chilled on demand when it passes through the cooling chamber to the faucet.

The two-temperature single-dispensing faucet comes with a dual-button hot water safety feature, and the 10-in.-tall opening allows easy refill of large water bottles and mugs. At only 16.5 in. tall, this water cooler fits on countertops under standard cabinets in homes and offices, and it can serve up to 30 people.

Standard carbon filtration removes chlorine taste and odor for a continuous supply of fresh-tasting water from the existing source. An integrated filter monitor ensures freshly filtered water every time, and the auto safety shutoff valve provides peace of mind. The sturdy cabinets have steel subframe and side panels, ABS front and top covers, and a high-impact appliance finish that is easy to clean and keep looking like new.

The PureChill models are part of the PureWaterCooler line of bottle-less and bottled water dispensers. Vertex has 22 floor-standing and countertop models to choose from with filtration and sanitization options.

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