Jul 07, 2014

The Water Council Launches Collaborative Innovation Platform

New platform presents innovative, practical solutions to the water challenges

The Water Council Water Collaborative Innovation Platform

The Water Council, the School of Freshwater Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the innovationExchange and inno360 have formed a partnership to rapidly expand Milwaukee’s global presence in water innovation and leadership. By harnessing the power of today’s most advanced collaborative innovation technologies, together they will dramatically increase and improve public-private sector water-related collaborative research. This system links the knowledge economy with the innovation economy by providing an interface for academics, industry, investors and manufacturers.

The Water Collaborative Innovation Platform, showcased during The Water Council’s Water Summit 2014 in Milwaukee, is a Web-based search, innovation management and analytics tool that will enable water industry and academic researchers worldwide to conduct the most complete mining of water research information that has ever existed. The platform will access data from the largest landscape of resources and greatly increase the speed of information transfer from weeks to hours — leading to increased research productivity.

“Quite simply, the Water Collaborative Innovation Platform supercharges any Web search engine with advanced search algorithms, content categorization and visualization technologies to put Water Council members at a significant advantage when seeking global solutions and global leaders,” said Dean Amhaus, president and CEO, of The Water Council.

The Platform will be managed by The Water Council and powered by inno360, which is utilized by over 20 of the world’s largest and most innovative global companies to address their most significant innovation challenges and opportunities. Incorporating the best practices of its founders and augmented by its initial collaborators, Procter & Gamble (P&G), General Mills and the U.S. Air Force; inno360’s innovation management technology will enable The Water Council’s members to rapidly expand their reach and collaborative research with leading public and private organizations, foundations and academics around the globe. With the objective to solve the most pressing problems and needs facing water today and in the future, the Platform will be the first inno360 innovation exchange to access Elsevier’s Research Intelligence platform of extensive water-related content and unique analytics.