May 10, 2005

AUV to Provide Water, Air Purifiers for Arizona Home's Extreme Makeover

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corp. has provided the design team with the Bio-Logic water purifier and the AeroLogic air purifier for use in the March 13 episode

Every Sunday, the nation is captivated and warmly embraces the life changing, award-winning ABC-TV hit series, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." Through relentless hard work and generosity, every week a very deserving family receive, the gift of a new home, constructed in only seven days. A Long Island manufacturer of air and water purification system's, has been chosen to be an integral part of an episode of this extremely popular and life changing show.

One of the leading manufacturers of ultraviolet water and air purifiers, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation, has provided the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" design team with, The Bio-Logic water purifier and The AeroLogic air purifier for use in the March 13 episode. Due to the sensitive nature of recipient's immune system, such equipment was necessary in order to treat the water and air supply of the new home. The water and air purifiers both utilize ultraviolet technology, a scientifically proven treatment for disinfection of air and water of bacteria and viruses. Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation, the manufacturer of these units, supply hospitals, schools, office buildings and even in the Executive Residence in Washington D.C. with similar purification units.

In October, 2003, a softball-sized tumor was discovered on Kassandra Okvath's kidney. Shortly thereafter, Kassandra, an adorable eight-year-old girl, was diagnosed with cancer. Her one wish was to makeover the Children's Hospital Floor at the University Medical Center in Tucson where she's been receiving treatment. The producers of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" answered Kassandra's prayers for the hospital, by painting the stark white walls, with the help of Disney Imagineering, to destination themes, so kids with cancer can feel like they are on vacation.

In a surprising twist, what Kassandra, her five siblings and mother and father, didn't know is, that while one team is renovating the hospital wing in Tucson, another "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" crew was completely re-building the Okvath home in Gilbert, Arizona as well.

In this very poignant episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition", Kassandra's unselfish act of giving will have not only touched the lives of her family and hospital staff, but of millions of viewers.

"We at Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation, are honored to be able to supply the Okvath family with the equipment for safeguarding Kassandra's the air and water of the new home", said Yvonne Wong, Director of Executive Services for Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation. "I am very pleased to see our products significantly impact an entire families life, and that of a very courageous little girl."

This episode was entitled "Okvath Family and University Medical Center."