Jul 08, 2014

Water Filters Distributed in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Water filter distribution aims to improve the life quality of the people living in villages

PT. Rimba Raya Conservation Water Filters Central Kalimantan Indonesia

In May and June 2014, PT. Rimba Raya Conservation (PT. RRC) distributed 750 units of water purification systems to six out of nine partner villages in the Seruyan Hilir and Danau Sembuluh sub-districts, Seruyan regency, Central Kalimantan province.

Via a press release, Vice President of Public & Government Relations for  PT. Rimba Raya Conservation Nisa Jalil stated that six villages — Ulak Batu, Palingkau, Telaga Pulang, Jahitan, Muara Dua and dan Tajung Rengas — received the water filters.

The distribution of the water filters to the villages is a part of the implementation of the Seruyan regency's community villages development framework and a part of the obligation of PT. RRC as the ecosystem restoration licensee to implement the REDD+ concept.

The water filter distribution aims to improve the life quality of the people living in all of the villages in Seruyan regency, programmatically and sustainably. Thanks to the water filters, all of the nine villages' residents can now consume clean water that is drinkable and suitable for bathing, clothes washing and toilet facilities. The water sourcing from the Seruyan River, which is the water source for all of the villagers, can now be filtered before use.

PT. RRC has previously handed over Community Development Funds, as much as Rp. 40 million each, to the Seruyan regency's nine villages. The fund was leveraged for a number of the development purposes for each village, such as to purchase a number of computer units, build playgroup schools and purchase cattle, to name a few.

Jalil explained that in the near future, PT. RRC plans to develop the Villagers Development programs by initiating forest plant nurseries, farmer field schools, cage culture system business and other aquacultures.

CEO of PT. Rimba Raya Conservation L. Djonni Andhella asserted that the water filter distribution to the six villages will continue to be distributed to the other three villages, and it is a part of the REDD+ program implementation, giving a significant influence to improve villagers' life quality.