Jan 06, 2012

Water Filters Donated to Flood Victims in Western Kenya

Contributions from HTI, Eastman Chemical aid difficult-to-reach areas in flood region

In Western Kenya, flooding along the Nzoia River has left thousands of homes and small farms under water. Some 25,000 people were displaced and scattered across 11 camps in the areas of Mudimbia and Port Victoria. To help alleviate the concerns for clean drinking water, Hydration Technology Innovations LLC (HTI) recently sent a delivery of thousands of emergency water filters, capable of filtering water from any contaminated water source.

The HydroPack filters water through forward osmosis. Each single-use pouch contains an osmotic charge that is activated when the pouch is placed in any contaminated water source. The charge draws contaminated water through the forward osmosis membrane. After a period of 10 to 12 hours, the pouch is full and ready to drink.

"Flooded latrines and dead animals mean the bacteria count is very high in the water, which is also very muddy. Those are difficult conditions for water filters. But the HydroPack is ideal for this situation because of its simplicity, high purity and ability to work in muddy water. The training is very short, and sufficient know-how quickly spread through the camps, so we see a very high degree of proper use immediately," said Nathan Jones, HTI humanitarian specialist.

Employees of Eastman Chemical and HTI contributed donations toward the cost of delivering the filters.